Working at BTA


BTA considers a qualified workforce to be the key to success. BTA pays great attention in ensuring that all of the team members are educated, have broad vision and suitable to work in the f&b service business. Representing Turkey in the International arena, BTA now has more than 4000 workers. Each of them is a valuable BTA family member working in a dynamic environment and doing their best to satisfy customers at each service point.



During the hiring process, we adopt the principle; ‘The right person for the right job’. Our basic principle is to provide candidates with equal opportunities. Since 2009, we have been incorporating the Personality Inventory Test into the interview process for positions of specialist and above. Inventory results are checked against the position’s qualifications and used effectively in the selection process. In addition, there is an English placement test for positions requiring knowledge of English. We make our selection from those candidates who successfully pass through all of these stages, and welcome the ones who we think will enjoy his/her work the best, to our team.

For six months, we keep the resumes in our database of those candidates who weren’t chosen for the relative position following the interviews, so that we can evaluate them for future positions. In order to apply to BTA and benefit from BTA’s comprehensive career opportunities you can either click here to fill in the application form, or send your CV to ik@bta.com.tr


New members of the BTA family are provided with explanations of the company culture, quality policies, organizational structure, and HACCP/ISO Standards at the orientation training. Our goal is to adapt the new personnel to the work, as well as to integrate them within the BTA Family in the most efficient way possible. Our goal is to provide the personnel with in-company and out-company training appropriate to the technical skills required in their positions, as well as to ensure their personal development. Our goal is to develop our workers with training and short-term job rotations and support their career development.

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries are paid monthly on a net basis. Employees have all legal and social rights in accordance with country-specific legislation and general collective agreements. We also grant exceptional leave to employees for special occasions such as weddings, deaths, maternity.

Our company provides employees working for one-five years (fifth year included) with 14 working days of leave, six-15 years (fifteenth year included) with 20 working days of leave, and over 15 years with 26 working days of leave. We also provide our workers with leave rights such as marriage, death, maternity and breast-feeding permission.

Performance Evaluation System

Performance Evaluation System (PES) is applied for operation workers in six-month periods and for mid-level and senior executives in one-year periods. PES, which evaluates qualifications and goals, helps to structure superior-subordinate relationships and helps personnel see themselves from an outsider’s perspective.

PES results are used to detect aspects that a worker needs to improve, to create training programs and to make decisions regarding who should be promoted.

The most important aspects of PES are to strengthen the communication between the managers and employees, speed up the process that leads to success, and to make sure that workers follow the targeted customer-oriented and innovative service manner.

Health Care Services

BTA ensures staff health and safety at work. Therefore, on many sites, access to health care is readily available.

Working Hours

BTA's office staff work every weekday at pre-agreed hours depending on each country. In many locations, BTA serves its guests 24/7. As a result, BTA’s operational staff works in morning, evening, and night shifts, throughout the week with off days defined accordingly.