We know that being innovative means having both: a “wide-angle point of view” to see from a multiple perspectives and an “intuitive vision” that allows developing new ideas and evaluating their outcome. Our growth goal depend on us being a “business incubator” serving as a high performance innovation engine. That is why we closely monitor emerging customer needs, track world trends and follow food&beverage business news in order to identify new business opportunities.


In our 18 year old journey, we showed that our innovation skills are not only in the brands we’ve created but also in our business model organisation with our integrated value chain system. To boost product quality we have reengineered our supply chain model and built our own production facility and created “Supply and Logistics” company. BTA is the only food&Beverage company in Turkey that is present in every step from procurement to service. We obtain all ingredients from our own supply company and deliver it with our own logistic system. Our “Cakes&Bakes” production facility then prepares the goods and once again delivers it to our own brands.


Our R&D teams have the aptitude to identify opportunities and implement them within new and established organisations schemes. Whether it’s a new product, a new brand or a completely different location to operate in, our innovation skills are constantly in action.

We have highly productive, fuel-efficient and pro-active teams in three areas:

- Our teams in our production facility follow consumer trends and continuously work on new recipes and use new techniques to develop new flavours. - Our business development team constantly seek new venues and opportunities in Turkey as well as other countries. - Our project department develop brand new concepts depending on various factors such as macro and micro trends and geo-local needs and fill these gaps with a differentiated and modular approach.


Success is just a never-ending process of trying to become better and better at whatever you want.

John Traver, Cofounder of Frame.io”


Since the beginning of our journey, we have developed unique and “never-done before” concepts and we quickly became a trendsetter in the Turkish F&B Industry.

Seferi is the first “convenience store” chain brand designed to fulfil airline and sea line passengers’ needs. It is exclusively designed for “in a hurry” time conscious passengers. It caters to travellers' instant needs and last minute shopping items such as newspapers, magazines, CDs and also impulse goods. It also hosts a variety of cold and hot sandwiches, tootsies, baked goods, pre-made and stylishly packaged, tea, coffee and soft drinks which can be purchased as a “take-away” or “eat-in” order.

Kantin is the first concept in Turkey in which traditional street food like burgers, “döner” kebab, hot-dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches are sold alongside books, magazines, newspapers, toys, CDs, travel kits, sun lotions and other item that travellers’ might need. It serves as a grocery store and restaurant at the same time. Its aim is both: To fulfil customers’ needs and to serve them with good food, fast!

Tadında Anadolu’s main mission is to preserve the cultural heritage of Anatolian cuisine. It is a restaurant and market designed to carry out traditional Turkish recipes and ingredients to the future. It is the sole place in Turkey in which customers can taste Anatolian Turkish dishes and purchase regional ingredients at the same time.

Cakes&Bakes carries a wide range of baked goods and an extensive selection of tempting cakes and desserts interpreted excellently with the expertise of its chefs. As opposed to other bakery’s it serves freshly baked items all day long. It is not just a bakery; it is a store in which you can find everything you need about bakery from books to kitchen appliances. In that sense, it is the only store that sells baking items