As BTA, our core enthusiasm is based on making people happy. We deeply value the well-being of our workers, our business partners and most importantly our customers.


BTA does not only generate insights on food quality, as it strives to deliver the highest customer experience. We always maintain the passion and dedication that goes into achieving guest satisfaction. All we want to achieve is to turn all our outlets into more welcoming places and make sure that our guests leave with a big smile! This principle that we have enthusiastically clutched since our early days, combined with our notion of professional service that grows with experience keep on giving rise to genuine success stories.


The level of customer experience and the feedback that we get from our guests are as important as our increasing operating revenues and expanding operations. We conduct regular face-to-face surveys throughout the year. By means of our various voice of customer channels, such as NPS reports, in-store comment cards, social media and call-centre conversations, we are able to take continuous and improving actions. A few of the actions taken based upon these data are:

Additional sections at the outlets to enable our guests to charge their electronic devices
Better and quicker internet access
Optimization of airconditioning and lighting
Making menu changes according to requests
Quicker and easier payment points and methods


Travelisation is an attitude running seamlessly through our service proposition, design and communications. Each concept is designed to incorporate specific functional and emotional solutions that will make our guest’s journeys less stressful and more enjoyable.

“Queue busters” to decrease the waiting time while ordering
Special “pay points” and extra cash point for “grab&go” purchases to shorten waiting lines
Easy navigation tools to make it easier to find what they need
Recharge points for all digital devices
Free wifi access for everybody


We care for their well-being

We value our employees. We strongly believe that to make sure the guests’ are happy, we must keep our staff happy. While trying to reach our business objectives, we keep in mind that each member of our team is part of our family and put our ethical values before our financial goals. Therefore, having common objectives, establishing close collaborations and fostering mutual loyalty towards each other lay in the centre of our team effort. Our human resources team make sure that their rights are respected, they work in stress-free environments, they are comfortable and at-ease, they are compensated according to their work-force and on time and that they get the medical care they deserve.

Career investment and unlimited

In BTA, we believe that the key provision of having a strong operation is to have a team who is well trained and open for improvement. We invest in our employees and push them to become better and better every day. We have a suitable assessment and development plan for each position to make them deliver the best performance and improvement.

We support their personal growth with educational modules and training programs. Every BTA employee start his/her job with an extensive orientation training to help them transition into a new organizational culture before they start to work in the stores

We also support alternating work assignments and positions within the company so that our employees have the chance to experience different professional tasks and take on new responsibilities. We also offer excellent opportunities for personal development with “in-store trainings”, seminars/webinars, training programs and workshops.